About CUSS


Credit Union Sauan Sibarrung emerged in the midst of Toraja community that mostly participated by farmers. This institution aims to improve quality of socio-economic of Toraja society by changing the mindset of people who previously consumptive become productive person. Therefore, to fulfill the purpose education is put as the main thing to educate its members and it is expected to slowly change the community mind set.

The movement of CU Sauan Sibarrung inspired from the "farmers philosophy". Farmers respectively plants, take care, and harvests. To plant the farmers must have "seed" (in Toraja the seed is "banne"). This means after harvest day, farmers must not consume all foods. They must store seed to granary. Reflectively, in the CU, we must also have the seed (asset) then we can develop the existing capital and expecting satisfying results.

Capital formation in CU is not difficult. It is simply started by borrowing "PMT" (Savings Capital Loan) so that we can design how much capital we want. After h


aving capital, it is expected that existing capital should not be withdrawn or taken. This action is valued from the philosophy that it is impossible for what we have prepared for the seeds must be spent entirely. So if the members need capital to expand their business, they can borrow at CU without reducing the amount of capital they owned. Thus the capital kept in the CU continues to grow through the addition of interest on savings, and capital borrowed from the CU for business also keeps its results. So CU members "who do CU well" can have two sources of incomes, includes savings interest in CU and from the results of the development of its business.

In such system, there are some responses from the community that the CU is a saving-loan service. The term where the savings and borrow is less relevant for CU activities. "CU is not just about saving or borrowing money, but it aims to help members to develop their capital". CU is also expected to educate members to manage their assets through sustainable member education activities. CU also aims to empower the members especially in business division on establishing the capital. Thus CU can be "Institute of empowerment life, towards the welfare of society"